Caregiver Spotlight: Meet Allison!

Meet Allison!


Hometown: Bellwood, NE


Tell us something about yourself: I love reading. My favorite genre to read is historical fiction.


What was your best home-care moment with a client?: My favorite home-care moment was being with one of my clients on his birthday. His family had come over to have dinner and given him some gifts. Once they had left, it was just he and I, I asked if he wanted to see what his family had brought him for gifts. His gifts happened to be a bunch of scratch off lottery tickets, which I found out was his favorite thing to do. We spent an hour scratching off tickets to see what he had won. I loved watching his face light up when he won something, and the look of determination he had scratching off a new ticket in hopes of winning big. We laughed about how we should have won more money for all of our hard work, but he did end of winning $5.


If you are a student, where and what are you studying?: I am currently a student at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. I am majoring in Nutrition Science with minors in Gerontology and Psychology. My goal is to apply to graduate school in hopes of becoming an occupational therapist.

Why do you like being a caregiver?: My favorite part of being a caregiver is being able to listen to the stories a client has from their life so far and knowing that I can be a small part of their story by helping in whatever way I can. I also love being able to build a relationship with each client and their family, whether I’m there for a long period time or just a short amount of time.



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