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As loved ones age they face challenges that family members may not know how to address. One way to help determine the need of assistance, is through an assessment.

What Is an Assessment? 
An assessment is a comprehensive review of a person’s mental, physical, environmental and financial condition. This helps establish the ability to remain safely independent and identifies risks.

The Goal of Assessment
An assessment should result in a plan for meeting needs and addressing problems. Assessment results may help your loved one decide moving or home care service are necessary for their safety and well-being. A good plan can mean fewer accidents and illnesses, a longer life, improved quality of life and greater independence. It is important to include your loved one in the discussion and decision-making about their options once the assessment is complete to help them feel more comfortable with the outcome.

How to Assess
Families can conduct assessments on their own but may want to hire an experienced professional to lead them through this process. Home Care Partners of Nebraska can help lead your family through this process. We will discuss the results with your family and  and offer practical assistance, such as caregiver services and housing options.

What to Assess
Professional assessments can take time depending on the level of care needed. All assessments should include a thorough review of every aspect in your loved one’s life. See the Assessment Checklist for more details.

Need assistance in completing an assessment for a loved one?

 Let us assist you and your family.

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