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Start the Planning Process for Your Family Today


Caregivers provide non-medical assistance such as helping with personal hygiene, laundry, cooking, cleaning, medication reminders and transportation.


Home care does not necessarily need to be provided in the home. It can also be provided to persons residing in a community.



Fill out the information below to download the Prepare to Care document for information on caregiver resources and planning.

You will learn information about starting the conversation, forming the care team, making a plan, and finding support.

We are here to help with your caregiving journey!

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The cost of care varies depending on the care needed.


We would be happy to visit with you and provide a home safety assessment and needs evaluation to help determine what type of care is needed.


Many Long Term Care policies will cover the cost of home care.


We can help you interpret your policy and review coverage. 

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Cost of Monthly Care in Lincoln, NE calculated at 20 hours a week




I hear 'respite' repeatedly. What does it mean?

It is simply a short-term break for family caregivers. Our trained caregivers can provide respite care for your loved one in their home. This allows you to continue a relationship with your loved one and doing the things you love rather than being concerned about their health and spending time alone.

Do you provide services for someone in assisted living, skilled nursing homes, or Alzheimer and Memory Care Facilities?

Yes, we do, and this is very common. We first arrange a meeting with the family visit and complete an assessment to develop a plan of care. We want to fully understand what activities or care services are needed and get a sense of what kind of  Caregiver personality might best suit your loved one.

What are the benefits of using home care services? 

Home care enables a person to maintain independence and control of their familiar environment.  When compared to other alternatives of care, home care can be significantly more cost effective. According to the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), at-home care is usually less expensive, more convenient, and effective.

Is Home Care Partners a Franchise?

No, Home Care Partners of Nebraska is proud to be an independently and locally owned home care agency. We invest in our caregivers, training, and quality care rather than expensive franchising fees.

My loved one claims they are fine. How do I determine if they need help?

The claim to being fine often comes from the fear of being moved out out their home. We can help relieve that fear by assisting them in their own home. To help determine a loved one's health and safety, complete an assessment.  Learn more about What is an Assessment and areas to evaluate with the Assessment Checklist.


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