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Care Management

Care Management with Home Care Partners

Our Care Manager coordinates with your transitional care team, provides communication, interventions, and education. They support a hospital discharge or transition, explain the reasoning for health changes, and educate the client and family on conditions. 


Oversight by a Care Manager reduces hospital readmissions with increased supervision and provides additional support with medication management, nutrition, and follow-up appointments.


Reviewing electronic care notes and client care documentation enables Home Care Partners to provide proactive healthcare when vitals are out of range, medications are not managed, or a decline occurs. This helps to manage the situation and improve both patient care and satisfaction. 

Meet Your Care Manager, Kari

I manage high-risk patients with multiple chronic conditions and improve patient outcomes while coordinating transitional care, prioritizing communication, and providing excellent customer service.


I am dedicated to caring for our clients and families as my role focuses on reducing hospital readmissions through increased supervision, medication management, nutrition, and planning for the future.

  • Care Manager Oversight:
    Increased supervision reduces hospital readmissions and provides additional support with medication management, nutrition, and follow-up appointments, allowing for a safer daily experience.

  • Dedication:
    The Care Management Team focuses on you and your loved one, with care management and customer service being our top priorities. 

  • Coordination:

      Communicating with others in a client's health care         continuum such as other home health providers,             therapy teams, hospice teams, primary care doctors,       pharmacists, and inpatient and outpatient                         coordinators result in a clearer, holistic                             understanding of a client's current health situation           and the recommend care plan to improve it.

  • Utilizing Information:
    We gather care management information from real-time charting notes and healthcare continuum professionals to provide health condition updates to family members. 


  • Person Centered Care:
    You provide the direction of care desired for your loved one and we will build a custom care plan accordingly.

  • Chronic Condition Management:
    We care for those with memory loss, heart failure, COPD, and diabetes.

  • Increased Oversight of Safety Concerns:

      We assess one's surroundings to incorporate                   additional safety measures and home modifications         before a crisis takes place.

  • Technology:

       Electronic charting allows us to see health changes        in real-time and react to them immediately, unlike            paper charting, which can sit in a binder, be read              periodically, and result in delayed reactions. 

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