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Care Management

What is Care Management

Care management solutions help manage high-risk conditions and complex cases to help prevent hospital readmissions,  improve patient outcomes, improve family communication, and customer satisfaction. Our on-going collaborative approach of care management is essential to manage other conditions that pose a re-hospitalization risk.

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Our Care Management

Our Care Manager coordinates with your transitional care team, provides communication, interventions, and education. They support a hospital discharge or transition, explain the reasoning for health changes, and educate the client and family on conditions. 


Oversight by a Care Manager reduces hospital readmissions with increased supervision and provides additional support with medication management, nutrition, and follow-up appointments. Reviewing electronic care notes and client care documentation enables Home Care Partners to provide proactive healthcare when vitals are out of range, medications are not managed, or a decline occurs. This helps to manage the situation and improve both patient care and satisfaction. 

How We Are Different

Our approach to Care Management is unique and utilized differently than other home care agencies. Karla and Andrew, owners of Home Care Partners, are experts in the healthcare and senior living industries and understand the importance of the healthcare continuum; where Care Management plays an essential role.  This role manages high-risk conditions and complex cases to help reduce hospital readmissions, improve patient outcomes, improve family communication, and increase customer satisfaction.

  • Care Manager Oversight: Increased supervision reduces hospital readmissions and provides additional support with medication management, nutrition, and follow-up appointments, allowing for a safer daily experience.

  • Dedication: The Care Management Team focuses on you and your loved one, with care management and customer service being our top priorities. 

  • Technology: Electronic charting allows us to see health changes in real-time and react to them immediately, unlike paper charting, which can sit in a binder, be read periodically, and result in delayed reactions. 

  • Coordination: Communicating with others in a client's health care continuum such as other home health providers, therapy teams, hospice teams, primary care doctors, pharmacists, and inpatient and outpatient coordinators result in a clearer, holistic understanding of a client's current health situation and the recommend care plan to improve it.

  • Utilizing Information: We gather care management information from real-time charting notes and healthcare continuum professionals to provide health condition updates to family members. 

  • Person Centered Care: You provide the direction of care desired for your loved one and we will build a custom care plan accordingly.

  • Chronic Condition Management: We care for those with memory loss, heart failure, COPD, and diabetes.

  • Increased Oversight of Safety Concerns: We  assess one's surroundings to incorporate additional safety measures and home modifications before a crisis takes place.

“Care management helps facilitate all the steps that need to happen to meet the patient’s goal”

- Karla, Managing Partner

"Our on-going collaborative approach of care management pinpoints any challenges and determine support to overcome these obstacles. "

- Andrew, Managing Partner

Contact Us Today

Please give us a call at 402-780-1211 or send us a message in the contact form below and let us know how we can help your family with our caregiving services that improve quality of life and provide peace of mind.

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