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Caregiver Spotlight: Introducing Emma!

Emma Heldt (1).png

We are proud to spotlight Emma because she practices the Culture of Caring every day. Emma loves the outdoors, traveling, and caring for people. She truly cares about making a difference and plans to pursue a career in Occupational Therapy to continue helping others!


Introducing Emma!


Hometown: Omaha, NE


Tell us something about yourself: I grew up on a farm outside of Omaha with two older brothers. I love the outdoors and visiting new places. I want to visit every state before I am 25!


What was your best home-care moment with a client?: I love connecting with clients when we have similar experiences or backgrounds. The conversations we have are always learning opportunities and I love that aspect of being a caregiver.


Where and what are you studying?: I am graduating from UNL this December. I plan on going to graduate school for Occupational Therapy.


Why do you like being a caregiver?: I love caring for people and making a difference in their day by helping them with their needs.





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