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Caregiver Spotlight: Meet Kailey!


We are excited to introduce Kailey! She embodies what it means to be part of our Culture of Caring. Kailey is not only hardworking, but truly enjoys the time she spends with clients. We love that she understands what we believe, "Everyone Needs Someone".


Meet Kailey!


Hometown: Lincoln, NE


Tell us something about yourself: I am a college student, mother to a 3 year-old little girl, advocate and activist for the disabled/impaired, minorities, and women. As well as a former collegiate soccer athlete for Nebraska Wesleyan University. I am a wanderer by heart, I have traveled to more than 5 countries, and more than 20 states. I have a passion for fashion and make-up. I enjoy reading, writing, and poetry. My daughter was named after my favorite, activist, poet, and writer; Maya Angelou.


What was your best home-care moment with a client?: My daughter had made homemade crafts for Halloween and I had told her I had a "friend" who didn't have much family around the holidays, so she made this individual one as well. He still has this craft on his fridge with a magnet.


If you are a student, where and what are you studying?: I am enrolled at Nebraska Wesleyan University. I am receiving my Bachelors of Science in Sociology/Anthropology and minors in Gender Studies/Minority Studies and Human Resource Management. I am also involved in the Diversity Club and have gone on retreats for further training in diversity and acceptance.


Why do you like being a caregiver?: Helping and bettering lives is what brings me joy. Knowing that I can make an individual's day just with my presence is the most rewarding feeling. Everyone needs someone. If I can make someone's day just by conversation and listening to their life stories then I am doing my duty in society as a decent human being. I feel like the lucky one to get the opportunity to listen to individuals who have had more life experience than I, and learn from them just as much as I care for them. Building relationships with individuals who I would have never crossed paths otherwise is a blessing. It doesn't even feel like working, more like friendships.





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