Caregiver Spotlight: Meet Lindsey!

We are excited to introduce Lindsey Lamb R.N! Lindsey is a great addition to our team as she not only provides care for families, but is also a licensed R.N. As a R.N she is able to visit individuals to ensure they are healthy, happy, and thriving. In addition to being a R.N experienced in home care, she has a focus on dermatology and skin conditions. 


We are proud she is on our team as she elevates our Culture of Caring . Lindsey understands the importance of being present for clients and is brought joy knowing she is making a difference.


Meet Lindsey!


Hometown: Lincoln, NE


Tell us something about yourself:  I have been a  Registered Nurse since 2007. I have worked in many different healthcare settings as a CNA, Medication aide, and a RN.  I am married to my husband, Kyle and we have a 3 year old son, Magnus.


What was your best home-care moment with a client?: I don't have a best moment. But, thinking about  the clients I have taken care of, the ones that stick out are the ones who lived alone or didn't have any family.  Sometimes, you are the only person they see that day or week.  It feels good  being there to help someone out, while also providing company.


Why do you like being a caregiver?: Caregiving is not for everyone.  It is challenging, but can also be very rewarding.  Helping clients, so they are able to stay in their homes with their families, brings me a lot of joy.  It's very satisfying knowing you are making a difference in someone's life. 





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