Caregiver Spotlight: Say Hello to Miranda!

We are proud to introduce Miranda! She is a great example of what our Culture of Caring means, as she proudly states, "I am honored to help the families I am able to". Miranda truly loves her work as a caregiver and enjoys every moment with clients. We believe in her and the difference she makes!


Say Hello to Miranda!


Hometown: Omaha, NE


Tell us something about yourself: I am 20 years old, live in Wilber, and have a 3 year old daughter named Addison.


What was your best home-care moment with a client?: My best moment with a client is every moment - good days or bad! I do what I love and I love what I do. The best moment to is knowing you’re making a difference. 


Why do you like being a caregiver?: I don’t like being a caregiver, I love it! Being able to make a slight difference is someone’s life is the best feeling. I am honored to help the families I am able to. 





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