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Assisted Living at Home

Are you interested in your loved one receiving the benefits of assisted living while remaining in their own home?

Assisted living is a combination of housing, personal care services, and health care designed to respond to individuals who need assistance with regular daily activities. It is often in a community with registered CNA’s on staff to assist with medical needs. Assisted living at home can be achieved by inviting a care team into your loved one’s home to aid in tasks that have become difficult.

Moving to an assisted living community is a popular option, but if your loved one is not ready for the community move there are alternative options, such as Home Care. Home Care allows your loved one to remain in the comfort of their home and a care team, similar to an assisted living team, comes directly to them. The first member of our care team is a Caregiver. Inviting a Caregiver into the home can be a difficult decision, but the most important thing to our care team is understanding your family’s desired outcomes and providing the care that is needed, all while your loved one remains in their familiar environment.

Being in a familiar environment, among one's own possessions and memories, is the best place to promote health and healing. During this time of COVID-19 safety measures, seniors' emotional ties to their familiar environment are increasing. Due to the additional emotions, individuals are searching for ways to delay moving out of their home to receive care and have found the answer to be a Home Care team.

Our next care team member is a Care Manager whose priority is to oversee care management. Care management is a set of activities intended to improve patient care and reduce the need for medical services by enhancing coordination of care and helping patients and caregivers effectively manage health conditions. Care Managers at Home Care Partners monitor changes in health conditions by utilizing technology to understand the daily health and wellness status of our clients. If you are currently working with a care team through another agency and there are paper charting notes in your home, you are not receiving real-time care management. Real-time care management helps clients avoid hospitalization or rehospitalization and to have a better understanding of how they are doing emotionally. When we see someone having a bad day emotionally or a change in health condition, we quickly react to that.

Our Caregivers and Care Managers also work with your loved one’s health care team in coordinating at home assessments when a health change takes place. These assessments allow doctor visits and new prescriptions to take place without leaving their residence. This process is deemed successful because:

  • We help your loved one avoid hospitalization by identifying the health change early.

  • Your family members don’t have to take off work repeatedly to assist in health care needs.

  • Reduces costs. Hospitalizations are very expensive and we help avoid a lengthy stay with a hospital co-payment.

The cornerstone of Home Care is support and relationships. Personal relationships between clients and caregivers will make you and your loved one more comfortable receiving care in the home. You will begin to look at our care team not only as helping hands but also as friends.

For more information call us at 402-780-1211 or visit our Resources Page.

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