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Home Care Partners Introduces Coffee Chat

Home Care Partners of Nebraska is excited to introduce Coffee Chat, a new option to explore home care services.

Coffee Chat's creation comes from the understanding that questions and concerns come with planning home care for a loved one. This meeting with the owners will be a unique way to address those questions and concerns. What makes this option unique? It's a casual, informational conversation and not a sales pitch. Andrew is looking forward to this new option, stating, "Coffee chats are a great way for us to meet in a casual atmosphere to help navigate the needs of aging and family support. We look forward to reviewing different care options available for your family and resources to help those in the caregiver role."

As owners of Home Care Partners of Nebraska, Andrew and Karla know the home care journey can be overwhelming and want to provide the best service to your family. Karla shared, "No matter where you are in the journey of caregiving, just beginning to anticipate a need, or helping to coordinate after a major health change, having a good framework to help guide both you and your loved one will make the process easier."

Sit down with us for a cup of coffee, and we will answer any questions you have about home care and will help you start the planning process.

Home Care Partners of Nebraska created this option to make home care easy. Request your family's Coffee Chat today.

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