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Parkinson's and Accelerated Aging

Parkinson’s Disease (PD) is a disorder of the central nervous system that affects movement and is associated with accelerated aging. As one begins to experience tremors in their hands additional symptoms become even more obvious, giving the perception of aging quicker than ‘normal’. These symptoms include slow movement, dragging feet, poor posture, stiffness, and loss of balance leading one unable to lead an independent life.

If you are concerned a loved one may be showing signs of PD take time to document your observations, start a conversation, and visit their doctor. The Davis Phinney Foundation offers numerous resources on what specific areas to observe. Utilize this Checklist as a starting point to document symptoms or problem areas and these additional resources for a wide array of guidance from emotional to physical PD health, such as the Gait, Balance and Freezing Worksheet. Once you gather documentation, share it with your family team and loved one to open a dialogue and make a plan. The first step of the plan should be to visit with your loved one’s medical team and the next step is discussing your future needs with a home care team.

  • Does your loved one need support tracking and understanding medication?

  • Would having a care partner increase their confidence to practice daily physical exercise?

  • Could their diet be improved with a helping hand in the kitchen?

As PD progresses your loved one’s independence decreases and a care team is necessary as they assist with medications, which are often prescribed to help control PD symptoms, and physical therapy, which is recommended to help with balance, build strength, mitigate the risk of falling, and prevent injury. If you and your family team members are unable to be caregivers and answered yes to any of the above questions contact the local home care agency specialized in Parkinson's Care, Home Care Partners.

Home Care Partners prioritize safety and offer you and your family peace of mind. As a care partner, we ensure your loved one’s home environment is safe and free of hazards that might be dangerous by assisting you in preparing the home for your loved one to age-in-place. With managed care and support, your loved one will be able to continue leading an independent life in their residence. Together we will be present to help them with medications, exercises, nutritional needs, cognitive maintenance, and proactively monitor health changes.

Don’t wait to call us! PD is an aggressive disorder and our customized care plan allows us to seamlessly work alongside you as your needs evolve in the healthcare continuum. Schedule a free care consultation for your loved one, in the comfort of their home, phone, or zoom. Whether this is a decision that must be made urgently or if you are planning ahead call Home Care Partners at 402-780-1211 today.

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