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Prepare to Care for You Too

Link caregiving and self-care tasks. Rather than regarding caregiving and self-care as an either-or proposition, link them logistically. Use your daily schedule for caring for your loved one as a cue for prompting you to care for yourself. For example, you can dole out and take your pills at the same time that you dole out and give pills to the care receiver. You can give her an insulin shot and then immediately take your own.

Home Care Partners of Nebraska is dedicated to providing in-home personal services that improve quality of life and create peace of mind.

You can schedule back-to-back medical appointments for you and your loved one with the same primary care provider so that you both receive the care you need.

Work toward family wellness. You would never willingly choose to help one family member if it meant that another family member would unnecessarily suffer. Don’t put yourself in the position of the neglected sufferer.

Caregiving is ultimately about caring for every family member — including determined but still-vulnerable caregivers.

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