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COVID-19 Prevention at Home

COVID-19 has forced everyone to reevaluate and increase their sanitation and care precautions.

Even though a vaccine is now available, we still need to maintain the health of ourselves and others. 

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Stay Healthy: 

  • Most providers now offer tele-health options to avoid a trip into their office or the hospital. Unless it is an emergency, getting healthcare guidance over the phone will eliminate the risk of your loved one picking up germs. You can also avoid extra trips to the pharmacy by having your loved one’s prescriptions shipped to your house or asking their provider if a script can be written for a longer length of time.

  • The simplest step to fight off the coronavirus is being diligent with hand-washing.
    Visual reminders throughout the home can be helpful if your loved one forgets to wash their hands. Next to their sinks have a sign reminding them to lather their hands by rubbing soap on the backs of their hands, between fingers, and under nails for at least 20 seconds. Additionally, placing hand sanitizer throughout the home as a visual reminder for everybody to sanitize their hands throughout the day

If your loved one has a professional caregiver, ask what safety protocols they’ve implemented during the pandemic. Knowing their plan will help you assess if they safe to be in contact with your loved one.

Home Care Partners Pandemic Protocol:
Our caregivers follow our protocol while they are in our clients’ homes to maintain safety from themselves and your loved ones. We will continue this practice even as the vaccine is being distributed, until the CDC recommends otherwise.

  • Wear a mask when we are inside a client’s home

  • Follow infection control guidelines

  • Conduct daily Client and Caregiver screenings to track any health changes indicating COVID-19 symptoms

We will continue this practice even as the vaccine is being distributed until the CDC recommends otherwise.

If you are looking for a professional caregiver who takes all aspects of your loved one’s health into consideration, call us at 402-780-1211 or complete the contact form below.  We look forward to speaking with you and helping your family with our caregiving services that improve quality of life and provide peace of mind.

Click Here for additional information on COVID-19, testing, the vaccine, and more from Lancaster County.

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