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Rehabilitation and Emotional Grief

Eugene and his wife Susanna reached out to Home Care Partners after Susanna suffered a dangerous fall and the rehabilitation's discharge planner recommended Home Care Partners to begin the Home Care conversation. Eugene was his wife's sole caregiver as their family did not live nearby and were unable to assist with their care.

The Challenge

After Susanna's fall she needed assistance with day to day tasks and Eugene was unable to fully care for her. He started having difficulty remembering to take his medications and felt unsafe driving to his medical appointments. Home Care Partners began providing Personal Care for both of them and Recovery Care services for Susanna, which progressed into Hospice Support. Our caregivers provided comfort and assistance in personal tasks such as bathing and grooming. They also served as companions to both Eugene and Susanna during a highly emotional time.

When Susanna passed away Eugene became depressed as he was going through the grieving process and asked Home Care Partners to continue care services for him. Along with the emotional distress of grieving, Eugene was struggling with COPD, weight gain, and high blood sugar.

Our Solution

Home Care Partners now provides Eugene Companion Care services; helping him with groceries, cooking, dietary needs, and accompanying him to medical appointments. He has welcomed the continued assistance and support as our care team has built a strong relationship of trust with Eugene and his family throughout his care journey.

The Outcome

Eugene's story is one of success and resilience. He has been a client for nearly 2 years and within that time his insulin needs have decreased, he is healthier, more active, and his doctors ahve decreased his water pill and potassium medications. With the assistance of our Caregivers, Eugene now loves and embraces l

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