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Vascular Dementia

David, a young man in his early 60s, was struck by a stroke and later diagnosed with vascular dementia. Coping with the challenges of daily life became increasingly difficult for him and his family, and they recognized that he could no longer live independently. To ensure his safety and well-being, David moved to Lincoln where his son, Blake, could provide the care and support he needed.

The Challenge

Blake made every effort to provide the best possible care for his father while managing his job, yet he often felt overwhelmed by the challenge of finding the right balance between his career and caregiving responsibilities. After spending some time in a facility that failed to meet their expectations, David and Blake came to a realization: it was in David's best interest to remain in his home and begin is Home Care journey.

Our Solution

At Home Care Partners, we're thrilled to have teamed up with Blake to offer exceptional memory care support services to David. We understand the significance of physical activity for individuals in David's condition, which is why our caregivers prioritize keeping him active and engaged throughout the day.

Our partnership with Blake has enabled our care team to provide David with the highest level of care possible while ensuring his comfort at all times. We're continuously strengthening our relationship by keeping up-to-date with information from David's photos and journals.

Our goal is to provide David with compassionate care that helps him maintain his quality of life and independence. We believe that our collaborative approach, combined with our team's expertise and dedication, will ensure David's wellbeing and happiness.

The Outcome

Home Care Partners has been dedicated to delivering exceptional services to David for the past three years. During this time, we have witnessed remarkable progress in his overall well-being. By working closely with him, we have successfully reduced his reliance on anxiety and behavior medications, enabling him to experience increased happiness and a sense of security.


Moreover, David has gained the ability to accomplish tasks independently—an extraordinary feat for someone facing memory challenges. This newfound independence is a direct result of the dedicated assistance and thoughtful organization provided by Home Care Partners.


We are incredibly proud to have played a role in David's journey toward improved quality of life.

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